Meet Our 2020 Summer Interns!

A first for us and them.

Welcome to the summer of COVID19 and the remote work and social distancing it brings with it. This experience is surely a new territory for everyone.

For Harford Designs, we are incredibly thrilled to have our first interns and are learning how to build a proper learning experience while working from a distance.

For the students who spent most of their Spring semester learning from home, interning remotely brings its own challenges and advantages. But it’s starting to feel very familiar.

How do we bridge the gap? Weekly group Zoom calls, one-on-one personal learning sessions, and platforms such as Google Suite and Basecamp that allow for group communication and collaboration.

Without further ado, please meet our summer team!

Rebecca Doyle

Summer Intern

Hello, I am Rebecca Doyle. I am a rising junior at Stevenson University. I am a graphic design major and photography minor. I will be graduating in May of 2022.

I am passionate about design, its many forms, and its versatility. I draw and paint and began my design journey as an illustrator.

I am looking forward to learning how to take my passions of working with people and narratives and applying them towards professional and clean client pieces. I am thrilled to be working with and learning from Jessica, an awesome team of interns, and the clients of Harford Designs!

Graphic Design & Illustrating


Ashleigh Bunch

Summer Intern

My name is Ashleigh Bunch. I am a rising senior at Stevenson University, due to graduate in May 2021. During my time at Stevenson, I have been studying Digital Marketing with a minor in Business Management & Organizational Leadership.

I am extremely excited to be working as an intern for Ms. Jessica Valis this summer. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and improving my skills in web & graphic design, logo design, and social media marketing.

A fun fact about me is I have a passion for dance. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and it is still one of my favorite hobbies today!

Leadership & Management

Digital Marketing

Erin Bourn

Summer Intern

Hi there! My name is Erin Bourn and I am a rising Sophomore at Salisbury University studying Public Relations and Marketing. I anticipate graduating by May 2022.

I am very excited to begin my first-ever internship experience, especially working alongside the adept team at Harford Designs.

Helping and connecting others is what makes me the most enthusiastic. I get to channel my energy by working with Harford Designs too. Just in the first week, I’ve been able to learn so much about connecting businesses to individuals.

I can’t wait to continue this journey and further my knowledge and personal growth in the professional world.


Public Relations

Abigail Almonte

Summer Intern

Hi Everyone! My name is Abigail Almonte. I am a rising senior at Loyola University Maryland. I am studying Marketing and Data Science.

I am a Rhode Island native and very excited to be joining the Harford Designs Team. I am looking forward to working on growing in my graphic design skills as well as tools to help grow client’s web presence.

I specialize in content creation and analytics and can’t wait for a summer of learning and growing!


Data Science

Are you looking for an internship?

Apply now Fall 2020!

Website Design Internship

Develop a basic knowledge of HTML & CSS

Explore visual design platforms such as DIVI & Elementor

Implement webpage optimization

Apply now Fall 2020!

Graphic Design Internship

Create logos and branding guidelines

Design social media post templates and learn about social media management


Strengthen skillset in Illustator, Photoshop, and InDesign

How to apply


Create a 2 minute or less video.

Talk about what you’re studying at school, what areas you’d like to explore and strengthen, and potential career paths.


Post the video on LinkedIn.

Tag @Jessica Valis & @Harford Designs, then message us that you’ve submitted a video application. Be sure to include your phone number.


Why video?

We know that everyone is on equal playing ground. Cover letters are phony and everyone’s resumes will look about the same. As a company that frequently posts videos on social media, we want to see if you can embody the spirit of the agency.


In no way do the videos need to be professional quality.

Blogs, Articles, Ramblings

Website Design Best Practices, Advice, Case Studies, and Everything Design

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