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Caffes-Steele, Inc.

Email & Website Fixes

So many companies put off updating their websites because of memories of horrible customer experience and issue after issue after issue with their site.

When Caffes-Steele came to us they had a few problems:

  • All their emails when straight to junk every time. 
  • The site took up so much memory despite having less than 10 pages. 
  • Lorem Ipsum (Latin text) appeared in the most random locations/
  • Their previous provider was collecting monthly retainers without clearing the cache or maintaining the site.

Poor Website Development

Don't let your lack of tech terminology keep you unhappy

Without naming names, the former developers of Caffes-Steele.com were definitely lacking and taking advantage. They also loved pointing the finger.

The site was overwhelmed with irrelevant team pages, shop & product pages, and over 57 templated pages that ultimately ended up in the trash.

Despite giving the site a thorough scrub, we continued to run into issues and issues.

The images below were just a few of the immediate red flags as we made our way through the site.

Let these be bad-developer red flags.

  • You have random pages on your site.
  • There is Lorem Ipsum placeholder text everywhere.
  • Your images are pixelated, grainy, and random sizes.
  • Outdated plugins, plugin failures.
  • Site constantly crashes.
  • Your developer’s site looks amateur or is a complete blast from the past.
Integration of a Fake Team
Fake Team Page
Random Coupon Page
Irrelevant Services Page

Color Palette

Space Cadet

Blue (Pigment)

Violet Blue Crayola

Lavender Blue


Final Results

Peace of Mind & Trust Restored

Our client went from having to check his website every other day to see if there were bugs and errors to going back to running his business.

His emails no longer land in the forgotten Junk Folder.

We were able to update their email records so important bid information arrived in inboxes.

We deleted unused template pages and ultimately started from scratch to give them the best experience.

We also modernized their portfolio with an easy-to-use template for new projects.

Additionally, we set up automatic updates so they would never log in again to see that the site had crashed.

Ultimately, we were able to restore faith and confidence with the owners—not all website developers (especially our own Joey Berrios) are out to get you.

Congratulations on the new site, Caffes-Steele!





Harford Design is really a top-notch website design firm.

After having multiple issues arise with our previous Website builder, Harford Designs swooped in and immediately began fixing numerous problems that had cropped up due to the previous firm’s faulty design, going above and beyond with their assistance and even helping in other areas not strictly related to the website.

They improved all aspects of our site from every possible angle, while also being transparent throughout the process so we knew exactly what they were doing and why they were doing it.

I couldn’t recommend Harford Design enough—they have taken away all our website-related headaches!

Jamie Caffes, Senior Estimator & Project Manager