Canton Kayak Club

Website design for membership renewal

The Canton Kayak Club (CKC) non-profit offers an affordable kayak share program from multiple docking stations around central Maryland.

CKC is a growing cooperative, motivated by volunteers with a sense of purpose and community. To extend our program offerings, we partner with organizations that focus on outdoor recreation, environmental issues, paddle sports, and accessibility and diversity to increase our value to our members.

Project Highlights

At the time of this project, Canton Kayak Club was tracking memberships through Excel Spreadsheets.

We changed that by connecting MemberPress & setting up various type of membership subscriptions:

  • New Members
  • Returning Members
  • Membership Gifts


Marine Forecasts

We also wanted an easy way for members to navigate to the various docks and view the marine weather forecast/advisory for the day. 

For this, we embedded the NOAA National Weather Service advisory for each location on their designated pages within a dropdown menu. 

We also included a button for mobile. This helped keep the page uncluttered while still providing important information.


Before — About Page

After — About Page

Before — Docks

After — Docks

Before — Board of Directors

After — Board of Directors

Before — Our Boats

After — Our Kayaks

Color Palette

Persian green


Space Cadet

Custom Iconography

Upon our recommendation, the team compiled a list of features at each location. From that we were able to make quick, visual icons that would allow members to scan the page and immediately recognize what they needed to know, without reading the full body text of the dock. For example, birdwatching was represented by a bird.

Dock Launch





CKC - food and bev icon

Food & drink Nearby

Restrooms Available

Final Results

Membership Skyrocketed!

With the launch at the time of membership renewals, membership skyrocket and made membership dues/payments easier than ever with PayPal & Stripe.

Discount codes worked successfully for early-bird registrations.

And membership portals included all the internal-use-only information that members needed.

Congratulations on your site, CKC!





Events Calendar

Weather Integration

Working with Jessica to launch a new and improved website for my organization was a great experience!

She was very helpful in identifying priorities and coming up with creative solutions, such as a quick reference guide to clearly communicate what amenities are available at each of our locations.

I cannot recommend Harford Designs enough!

Sarah Laadt, Project Coordinator, Brand Manager