Making the Most of Your Christmas Downtime

As an entrepreneur, you’re used to the hustle; the go Go GO!; and, unfortunately, the overwhelmingly busy weeks and deathly slow ones.

Enter the Christmas & New Year weeks: the 2 weeks of the year when leads and clients close up shop and your hustle comes to an abrupt halt. What do you do with this unwanted downtime?

1. Plan a blog schedule for the year.

I’m horrible at this. I think of blog posts on the fly. Like this one! I’m not saying let inspiration pass you by, but have some something on the back burner to keep engagement up! Build hype for each post.

Create 1 standout piece per month, plan the content, and think of some engaging visuals to go with it.

Will you need an infographic? A free handout? An activity sheet? Maybe a course to go along with it?

Consider hiring a professional designer to make these quality graphics so your blog stands out from the rest! |

2. Revisit your webpage for dated content.

With 2020 just a few days away, does your website content still say 2018, 2019 throughout? Do all the links still work? Have you changed any processes and need to make a few tweaks?

Copy the content in question into a Word doc and edit away. Shoot the new content to your website manager when you’re done. If you send them the content in one go, it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 hours.

3. Update your headshots.

Everyone has a photographer. Contact yours and get some new headshots for you and your team. Make sure they match and everyone has the same background: brick, outdoors, black, etc. Consistency is key to professionalism.

Speaking of professional, regardless of industry and what you wear, make sure your pictures are semi-casual. Consumers are looking for professionals who are “real people” and approachable.

4. Commit to your social media even if you don’t have time for it.

Once again, consistency is key! What do you do if you are too busy for social media. Or even to hit #1 above and blog.

Enter Lindsey Rosaschi and My Content Co. For $124/m her team will post 3x a week for you! With each post industry researched, look like the professional you are without putting in the extra work. Best of all, her services are month-to-month like a subscription. Cancel anytime! |

5. Brainstorm an amazing course. 

Create some great content by creating a course for your clients and leads. Samantha Groff is an expert in the education field and can help guide you through as you teach your clients about your industry or how-to. |

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