Client Experiences from an Intern’s Perspective

Hi everyone, Alexis Jones here from the group of Fall 2020 interns at Harford Designs!

As the semester is coming to a close, I wanted to share some of my experiences with two projects thus far. The first one is from our Saint Ignatius Catholic Community client, and the other is our current client, the Loyola Early Learning Center.

St. Ignatius Catholic Community

Starting with Saint Ignatius, this project began prior to my arrival on the intern team in September 2020. All of the preliminary work had been complete and most of the website was designed while I was learning Divi. However, before the live website was launched, I had the opportunity to work on three pages for this client.

The Ignatian Family Teach-In

The first page involved “dressing up” the information with imagery. As usual, I was given the original event page to pull content from, then transformed a page full of words and blocks of color to a festive, Save the Date!

Look at the comparisons below!

Music Ministry Staff

For the second page, I had the opportunity to create my first page from scratch! I was provided the original page from the old website for content, then given the creative freedom to build the page.

After some tweaking, this was the final design alongside the old layout:

LiveStream Services & Events

On the last page with St. Ignatius, I worked closely with my supervisor Jessica Valis to create a unique layout. This page involved multiple links to other pages, accounts, the stream, registration, and other events.

See the before and after designs below!

Loyola Early Learning Center

Moving on to our other client, the Loyola Early Learning Center! The intern team began work for this client in late September/early October. Thankfully, this client provided me the opportunity to work on the project from the very beginning!

After being assigned five pages for the website, I first began my process of work by reading through all the content from the client. From this content, I was able to create wireframes to build out the pages’ designs. After wireframe discussion and approval with Jessica, I used Divi to start building the pages from scratch.

The key to translating the content into good design is knowing how to share the information. People like to read short and impactful sentences to gather information quickly.

In addition, visuals are important to give the eye a break from reading all the text. Also, and I can’t stress this enough, white space is important! It makes for a clean design and helps balance all the information, visual or text.

Lastly, using charts, bulleted lists, event feeds, and calendars are simple but effective ways to share information without having to read a paragraph.

Check out how I transformed the Programs, Enrollment, COVID-19 Information, and Sponsor a Scholarship pages below, and the additional Calendar of Events page!



COVID-19 Information

Sponsor a Scholarship

Calendar of Events

Thank you for taking the time to explore my experiences with these two clients at Harford Designs!

Happy designing, everyone!

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