Crafting their Story—Hero’s Quest Consulting Website Redesign

People love FREE!
Free samples at a grocery store? Don’t mind if I do!
Free worksheets from digital experts online? YES, please.
Free website consultations? Oh hell yeah.

But the best part of free?
If you love it, you know it’s going to be money well spent!

The Set-Up

I met Peter Davis, owner of Hero’s Quest Consulting, after speaking on a webinar for CCBC and Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Businesses. I presented on the importance of brand identity without ever opening an Adobe product. It all comes down to messaging. Sure, a website and visual brand doesn’t hurt. Without understanding your niche, however, you could unknowingly be marketing to the wrong audience.

At the end of my webinar, I invited participants to a Free Professional Website Evaluation. Participants would receive a brief video from me with my first impression of the website—no research or previews.

Hero’s Quest Consulting website at time of evaluation

The Evaluation Results

True to my word, I recorded a video and sent it off to Davis, who almost immediately called me and scheduled a full-hour website consultation.

My perceived audience was completely different than the one he imagined! Based solely on brief glances at his text and images on his website, I believed him to be a coach for playwrights and actors.

Turns out Davis helps business owners, nonprofits, and organizations craft their business messaging through the power of storytelling!

Afterall, audiences want a story; they want to understand the WHY, not just the who and they what.

Next Steps

After our first call, Peter employed Harford Designs to take over his website redesign. He didn’t need 1000 bells and whistles to tell his story; he just needed to work alongside someone who understood digital design and user-trends.

Branding-Niche Consultations

Over the course of a few Zoom meetings, Peter crafted a new story, pinpointing his niche:

Hero’s Quest Consulting works with women on the rise: mid-level business-professionals and non-profit leaders ready to take the next step in their careers. 

With this new vision, Peter was able to craft new copy and select images of his target.

The design work

I’ll be the first to admit we did not go overboard with design styles. That’s not Peter, that’s not his message, that’s not his audience.

Notable changes included:

  • Updating the font selection from the print-preferred serif Times New Roman to a modern web-favorite: Open Sans.
  • Using 4 colors consistently throughout the site. Previously Peter had 2 logos, a red version and a blue. I scrapped the red altogether and went in with the blue.
  • Minimizing fluff. No forms. Links to social media. A footer that went straight to the point.

Open Sans customizations

New Hero’s Quest color palette

Simple and straight to the point footer

The End Result

Within a month, Peter and Hero’s Quest had a new site. We migrated the website from an unsecured server and integrated the site with Google Analytics and Google My Business.

Congratulations on your new site, Peter! We love that you love it!

After Harford Designs website transformation



Are you feeling like a hero who can’t complete their quest?

Let me conduct a FREE Professional Website Evaluation of your website.

You’ll receive a video explanation of my first-look in addition to a scorecard with your results!

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