Harford General Insurance Agency, Inc.

Website Overhaul

As an established independent insurance agency, Harford General needed to take its website acting as a digital placeholder to a trusted lead-acquiring, claim submitting source.

Project Goals

Every page needed to be built from the bottom up. While the existing site had a sentence description for each service, they needed to expand on what exactly it was they offered.

They also needed an easy way to gather all the necessary information for individuals and companies to submit claim information.

Our Process

After reviewing the competition, we established a baseline of what features they offered versus Harford General. This provided the necessary direction to ensure we kept up with the industry standard.

Color Palette

Egyptian Blue

Oxford Blue

Honey Yellow

Orange Yellow Crayola

Final Results

Established business, new website

Following the launch of the site, Harford General was contacted by additional insurance companies and added to their list of providers.

The forms found immediate success, with less back and forth between team members and customers gathering information.





Yoast SEO

Harford Designs sets a high bar when it comes to website design! We now have a fresh, new website with everything I wanted and more. If you are in the market for a new business logo, brand, or website, Jessica and Harford Designs are your answer.

Nelson Hannahs, Account Executive