Intern Reflection Post – Nicole Haindl

Intern Reflection Post

By: Nicole Haindl

Hi, my name is Nicole and I have been working at Harford Designs as an intern during the Fall 2020 semester. This semester, I along with the Harford Design Team worked on two projects for our clients; the St. Ignatius Catholic Community and the Loyola Early Learning Center.

St. Ignatius Website

St. Ignatius Church is a parish of the Roman Catholic Church in Baltimore Maryland, within the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore. St. Ignatius provides opportunities for people within the Baltimore area to get heavily involved within the community. 


For the St.Ignatius website, I was responsible for working on the following pages: Justice & Peace Committee, Economic Justice Subcommittee, Environmental Justice Subcommittee, Hunger & Poverty Subcommittee, Immigration Subcommittee, and the Racial Justice Subcommittee. Within these pages, I focused on clean the formats of dozens of prebuilt articles on the page by applying HTML code. As you can see in the before pictures of the St. Ignatius website, the articles were messy and disorganized. After using Divi Builder to edit the HTML and reformatting the articles, the pages were able to flow more cohesively for the viewer to read. Below are the before and after pictures: 

On the last page I worked on, I added and updated the events for the 2020-2021 St. Ignatius Calendar:

Loyola Early Learning Center

The Loyola Early Learning Center is a year-round parish preschool institution focused on early childhood education, rooted in the Catholic Jesuit tradition of learning, spiritual and personal growth. They provide services for children aging from two- to- five years old in the Baltimore Community. 

I was responsible for building 3 pages for The Loyola Early Learning Center. These pages included the: Teachers & Staff, Board of Trustees, and the Jesuit Mission page. I used Adobe Illustrator to build each page a wireframe, which were then turned into functional and responsive digital products. The old website for Loyola Early Learning Center had an outdated “look and feel” to the design aspect. The Harford Design team created an entirely new set of components using different styles and colors. I applied these components to my pages to create a friendly and approachable dynamic to the website.

Jesuit Mission

Teachers & Staff and Board of Trustees

Blogs, Articles, Ramblings

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