Kevin Lavey

Media Release Website

Not every website needs to be designed for a robust business. In the case of, the authors site shows that simple can often be the best solution to promote yourself (and in Kevin’s case, his book!).

Project Goals

We needed to update Kevin’s original 1 column layout to something a bit more dynamic and modern.

The site also needed:

  • Post announcements or upcoming book & chapter releases 
  • An area to list all previous publications
  • Link directly to the book for increased sales
  • Make Kevin accessible for speaking engagements

Our Process

After reviewing some of Kevin’s favorite author sites and his design questionnaire, we put together a simple, urban design.

  • Headers mixed font weights (bold & regular) and created Kevin’s basic logo without tremendous design work
  • Body text was in a traditional serif as you would normally see in a print publication such as a book
  • Colors were professional and could be used off the site

Color Palette

Dark Cerulean

Cetacean Blue




Content Writer


Access to Store


Before — About Author

After — About Author

Before — Works

After — Works

Before — Awards

After — Awards

Working with Jessica has been a dream. She values suggestions from her clients and is highly responsive to their needs.

I found out right away that she deeply values her relationship with her clients. She has been nothing but professional, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Kevin Lavey, Author