Maximizing Your Online Reach: Law Office Website Best Practices

Did you know 74% of clients visit a law firm’s website before taking action? That’s how crucial a website is to your practice’s success.

But just having a website is not enough; it must be well-designed and niche-specific.

Having a professional website design for your law firm website provides an excellent first impression, establishes a consistent brand identity, positions you as trustworthy, and helps you stand out from other lawyers in your area.

You need all these qualities in your attorney website to attract the right types of clients and cases.

The big question is, what should you do to create an effective lawyer website design?

This short yet comprehensive post provides examples of dated law firm designs and how to update/modernize your website for an ideal client.

Differentiate your practice.

From specializing in a particular area of law and providing customized content, to building a strong brand and showcasing client testimonials, these strategies can help lawyers attract potential clients and establish themselves as trusted and respected professionals.

  • Niche specialization: Differentiate by specializing in a specific area of law, such as personal injury or tax law, to appeal to clients seeking representation in that area.
  • Customized content: Provide tailored content, such as blog posts or videos, to meet the needs and interests of the target audience.
  • Strong brand: Develop a unique brand identity through a logo, color scheme, and website design that reflects values and personalize.
  • Client testimonials: Display positive testimonials to provide insight into the lawyer’s experience, expertise, and results.
  • Online reviews: he Seek out and respond to online reviews to build credibility and establish as a respected professional.

Recognize when it’s time for change.

Avoid old-fashioned law firm website characteristics, such as a lack of a clear call-to-action, poor navigation, poorly designed pages, being too generic, using unprofessional photos, and having bad SEO.

  • No Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Effective CTAs are clear and specific, use strong action verbs, and are placed in a prominent location on the website.For example, if you’re seeking new clients, your CTA might say, “Call us today!” If you’re selling services, your CTA could say something like, “Schedule a free consultation.”

Holzman & Dickriede Attorneys at Law new CTAs created by the Harford Designs team.

  • Lack of Navigation: Allow users to move through your site quickly. A sound navigation system will help potential clients find precisely what they are looking for. Consider both the header navigation as well as the footer.

Holzman & Dickriede Attorneys at Law new footer with dynamic navigation created by the Harford Designs team.

  • Poorly Designed Pages: Poor design makes for a bad first impression. Ensure all of your pages have a solid visual hierarchy. Use large headlines, bold text, and images to grab attention, then provide more detailed information below.
  • Too Generic: No skillful attorney has ever been the Jack of all trades. Instead, they specialize in specific types of practices. So don’t try to represent everyone. Choose one specific practice area and focus on providing quality legal advice and representation in that field.
  • Unprofessional Photos: When photos are used correctly they add credibility to your business, as well as a personal touch
  • Bad SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process used to improve the visibility of your website on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Ensure your website ranks highly on search results by investing a little time in keyword research and optimization.

To attract and retain clients, it is important to focus on creating a website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines, and that clearly communicates the

Modernize your website.

Your ultimate goal is to position your law firm as a thought leader in a specific niche or practice area This feat can be accomplished through top-class design. Here are some tips for updating your website to reflect your brand and target audience:

  • Create a Unique Logo: Carefully consider what makes your law firm unique. This could include the specific services you offer, your approach to practicing law, or your values and mission as a firm. Use this as the base for your logo design. The end product doesn’t need to be overly complicated. In fact, simple may be best. Click here to see Holzman & Dickriede’s logo process.
  • Improve Your Website’s Design: Modern your look with your mobile site at the forefront. Ensure your website is easy to navigate and contains everything your potential clients need to know. This includes the explanation of services, contact information, case studies, testimonials, and social media profiles.
  • Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices:  Mobile usage is skyrocketing. Include responsive design features like dropdown menus, larger font sizes, and simplified navigation. Turn unnecessary details (such as decorative photography and graphics) to navigate your audience quickly to the CTA.

Responsive navigation for Holzman & Dickriede Attorneys at Law.

  • Add Video: Share your expertise and showcase your services. Feature your team, highligh your strengths, and explain how your services will benefit your client.
  • Integrate Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram allow you to connect with current and prospective clients. In addition to SEO, use these channels to promote your blog posts, events, and news updates.
The Hill Law Group announces the launch of their new site on LinkedIn.
The Hill Law Group announces the launch of their new site on LinkedIn.

Harford Designs Can Help Modernize Your Attorney Website & Brand!

As a goal-driven attorney, we understand that you have a tight schedule and barely find time to update your website.

That’s where Harford Designs comes in handy. We provide affordable web design solutions tailored specifically to attorneys. Our experienced designers will help you modernize your website quickly and efficiently while ensuring it meets all legal requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our affordable attorney website design packages.

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