Tips to Make the most of Your Original Content on LinkedIn

Back in September, I had the pleasure of attending Resonate: A Marketing Colloquium which took a look at marketing techniques regarding branding and graphic design, website design, SEO, and LinkedIn marketing to name a few. As a LinkedIn newbie, I appreciated Colleen McKenna (Intero Advisory) and her insight into the ever-changing algorithm of this social media/networking platform.

Several things stood out to me that I think are worth sharing:

  1. Are you an entrepreneur? Create a company page. Chances are more people will be following you than the company page, but it’s still important to have one.
  2. Write in the 1st person.
  3. Share success stories and insights. Stop promoting your services and show how you are an expert in the field.
  4. When it comes to sharing blog posts from your company website recreate them as LinkedIn articles (I’m talking a good old fashioned copy and paste). LinkedIn’s algorithms will scan your articles for relevancy and help you appear in more newsfeeds and as connections for potential clients–something LinkedIn can’t do for a link to your website.
  5. Comment and share relevant articles. If your company posts an article about your business, share it. If a business colleague or partner writes an article, share it, comment on it. Shares and comments keep content relevant in the LinkedIn newsfeeds. We are on LinkedIn to build business relationships after all. Strengthen yours.

In regards to point 4, does this mean content may seem repetitive if its copied and pasted so many times? To you, ABSOLUTELY. But really, if people do a search and both your website and LinkedIn content appear in Google, is it really such a bad thing? And if people are reading the content on your LinkedIn, we can hope it’ll lead to them visiting your actual website. Just don’t forget to ALWAYS link back to your website.


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