St. Ignatius Catholic Community

Logo & Branding Design

St. Ignatius Catholic Community is a vibrant Jesuit Church in Baltimore City. This active parish does more than pray on Sundays—they advocate! Because of this, they needed a church website design that could accommodate frequent blogs, newsletters, livestream, events, and more.

Project Goals

This dynamic church website design had many requirements:

  1. Livestream embedded within the site
  2. Weekly changing homepage Pastor videos
  3. An events calendar customized for each ministry
  4. Ministry pages with ministry specific news and articles
  5. A website within a website—the Justice & Peace ministry
  6. Forms for Baptisms, Weddings, New Parishioner Registration, Children’s Education, and more.

And more importantly—it had to be intuitive for the Director of Communications to edit regularly.

Our Process

Becoming this church website designer would be no simple task. While most website design projects run about 1-2 months, this one required 3.

We also found the Upsdell Red color from the logo made the website feel harsh. With the parish’s blessing, we included warmer, inviting colors. Not only where these great standalone colors, but they made the loveliest gradients.

For the events calendar, we installed our favorite calendar—Events Calendar Pro.

Events and blog posts (called Resources or News throughout the site) were split up into MANY categories and directed to their appropriate pages automatically upon posting.

Upsdell Red


Maize (Crayola)


Space Cadet

Final Results

Lasting Partnerships

An active site requires diligent attention. No matter the success of a site, there will always be a need for:

  • Regularly scheduled full site backups
  • Plugin updates and upgrades to newer and better solutions
  • Cleaning up of HTML & CSS
  • Text updates and removals
  • Photo swaps
  • New blogs
  • New events

Through our ongoing partnership, Harford Designs’ continuously covers all the basis, keeping this active Baltimore church online, all the time.

St. Ignatius, it’s out pleasure to serve you, as you serve the community!






Yoast SEO

It was quite amazing to watch Harford Designs take our collaboration from concept to reality – rebranding our entire business ‘look’, taking our old stagnant site and making it a vibrantly alive, user interactive resource.

I have worked with many in collaborative web design over the years, but none as skilled and helpful as Jessica.

I also appreciate the fact that she didn’t just leave me with a completed product – she trained me specifically on maintaining and upkeeping our site.

John Odean, Director of Communications