C3 Visionary Strategies

Yearly Updates can lead to slight redesigns

Year-end and the holiday season are usually a quiet time for many businesses. C3 took the opportunity to update their portfolio and case study pages for their non-profit organization marketing agency.

So What Changed?

While the site itself was well maintained (plugins updated, themes and WordPress current), some elements of the site needed to be changed up to accommodate Kristi Halford’s growing portfolio of marketing for non-profits.

New Additions

While C3 originally utilized the Divi Builder, we installed Elementor to create a more dynamic tab style on the portfolio page.

By using the template options in Elementor we were able to embed content with unique layouts on each of the tabs.

Without recreating the site, we could integrate the new builder with the existing one.

Color Palette

Red Pigment

Orange Pantone

Orange Peel


Light Slate Gray





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