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Grassworks Logo Tile 1

Grassworks, Inc. – Update

Google loves when your business grows! As with Grassworks Inc., adding individual service pages to their website increased their online authority and included vital keywords for their search results.

Valley Tavern

The Valley Tavern

The Valley Tavern Restaurant Website Redesign Did you know that when you spend $100 at a small business, $48 stays in the community. If you

The Hill Law Group Logo Tile 01

The Hill Law Group

The Hill Law Group WEbsite Refresh Women-led estate planning that embraces feminism. Talk about powerful and to the point. Attorney Meredith Hill knew her audience

McCon Engineering Logo Tile 2022

McCon Engineering

A dated website is guaranteed to disinterest leads. McCon’s 20 year old site received a much needed upgrade with SEO at the forefront.

Heros Quest Consulting Logo Tile 2022

Hero’s Quest Consulting – Part 2

So many companies are determined to have a unique logomark that what should be a simple logo design becomes convoluted and overly complex. Hero’s Quest kept things simple and clean.

Recompense Life Group – Part 2

As a new solopreneur, spending tens of thousands on a robust website might not be practical. That’s where a targeted one-page website comes in.

Nutshell Environmental – Part 2

Nutshell Environmental New Owners. New Website. First comes a brand redesign, and next comes the implementation. Breaking away from the usual “environmental greens” or “professional

Holzman & Dickriede – Part 2

From a templated Martindale site, to original design, Holzman & Dickriede prove that not all attorney websites need to look the same.

Canton Kayak Club

Canton Kayak Club Website design for membership renewal The Canton Kayak Club (CKC) non-profit offers an affordable kayak share program from multiple docking stations around

Nutshell Environmental – Part 1

With new ownership often comes a new brand. For this established company, the rebrand needed to focus on the company’s mission with simplicity.

C3 Visionary Strategies – Update

Website updates don’t need to be extreme. Adding blog posts, portfolio pieces, and case studies keep your website design fresh and show that you are an active business.

Holzman & Dickriede – Part 1

Holzman & Dickriede Logo Design After becoming the managing member of Holzman & Associates, new owner Ryan Dickriede needed to incorporate his name into the

Not every website needs to be designed for a robust business. Simple can often be the best solution to promote yourself.

Recompense Life Group Logo Tile

Recompense Life Group – Part 1

While life insurance may not be particularly exciting, Recompense Life Group brought life to the subject through clean and modern logo and brand.

30 Million Solar Homes Logo Tile

30 Million Solar Homes

Landing pages sponsored by multiple organizations can be tricky. This redesign that would encourage users to contact their legislators.

Ivey Industrial Logo Tile

Ivey Industrial

Simple. No gradients. Easy for embroidery. No literal symbols. Ivey Industrial knew exactly what they wanted for their new logo design.

Founders First Capital Partners Logo Tile

Founders First Capital Partners

By identifying and targe their ideal client through specific design and SEO, Founders First say an increase of 262% in viable leads within 2 weeks!

KD Marketing & Co Logo Tile

KD Marketing & Co.

What do social media management and website design have in common? If you don’t know how do it, you won’t see your desired results.

19th Hole Wealth Strategies Logo Tile

19th Hole Wealth Strategies

Let your logo tell a story to your ideal client through unique visual elements. For this former golf pro, her client was on the green.

Loyola Early Learning Center Logo Tile

Loyola Early Learning Center

Not every school website has the same audience. For LELC, their website design focused around engaging donors to support their young students.

Hero's Quest Consulting Logo Tile

Hero’s Quest Consulting

Hero’s Quest Consulting Website Evaluation, Consultation & Redesign Hero’s Quest Consulting owner Peter Davis came to me for a website evaluation after Jessica Valis presented

St Ignatius Catholic Community Logo Tile

St. Ignatius Catholic Community

Religious sites are not exempt from requiring modern and user-friendly website design—especially when the church or organization is active and growing.

Black Oak Title Logo Tile

Black Oak Title

Black Oak Title New Business, New Brand, New Website Founded in 2018, Black Oak Title has changed the homebuying process by addressing the monotony of

Phoenix 365 Solutions Logo Tile

Phoenix 365 Solutions

Phoenix 365 Solutions Native American Inspired Brand For business owners Steven and Jessica, the name of their business was personal. As victims of a house

C3 Visionary Strategies Logo Tile

C3 Visionary Strategies

C3 Visionary Strategies Website Built from established Branding C3 Visionary Strategies works with emerging businesses, professional services firms, and non-profits to provide revenue-generating marketing and

Harford General Insurance Agency Logo Tile

Harford General Insurance

We turned a basic WordPress template into a dynamic site that featured all insurance carriers and provided claim submission forms.

Sage Time Solutions Logo Tile

Sage Thyme Solutions

SageThyme Solutions Wix Website Redesign Branding is more than a pretty picture. It’s the feeling of trust and expertise you convene to your customers without

Grassworks, Inc. Logo Tile

Grassworks, Inc.

Before and after images cannot be undervalued. Always take a photo before you start a project and again at the completion. There is no better way to showcase your abilities in your industry.

OmniBiz Solutions Logo Tile

OmniBiz Solutions

OmniBiz Services Brand Expansion and handout Redesign Companies don’t always need five colors and approved opacities to have a strong brand. Take OmniBiz—an online course

Mid Atlantic Financial Group Logo Tile

Mid-Atlantic Financial Group, LLC

Mid-Atlantic Financial Group, LLC Website, Business Cards, Magazine Ad Reputation is everything where money and lending are concerned. If a potential borrower thinks your website

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