Non-Profit Organizations​

Successful fundraising stems from a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website with a clear donation process and a compelling call-to-action.

Encompass all of your NFP’s incredible work into one unique website that keeps the user experience at the forefront while telling powerful behind-the-scenes stories and providing key education to generate new support.

With every detail meticulously designed, your organization’s brand will emit professionalism, trustworthiness, and empathy and convince users of the immense impact of their contributions—through action and financial assistance.

Logo Design, Branding & Marketing Strategy

Together we craft the perfect brand for your organization that resonates with your donors and volunteers.

Website Design & Development

Our team of experts who can design dynamic WordPress websites without the confusing code.

Donation Buttons

Your users definitely won't wonder how they can contribute or add their name to the list.

Social Media Integration

Incorporate hashtags and images from live events throughout your site or on designated pages.

Campaign Pages

Create custom pages for various campaigns throughout the year and integrate unique forms and calls to action.

Event Streaming

For followers that can't make the event, we can embed your livestream feed directly onto your website.

Calendar Integration

Display upcoming events, webinars, speak series, and fundraisers and allow visitors to add them directly to their calendars.

Branded Documents

Display a united front with universally branded materials that keep your message consistent across departments.

“Jessica maintains and makes constructive suggestions for revising the copy, updates to research information, exercises judgment and initiative in establishing and revising layout processes and conceptualizations; creates schematics for the team to review and in respect to critique, responds well to client feedback.

Harford Designs has taken a seat at the planning table for many projects, and has played integral and varying roles.  They multitask effectively and can handle a high-volume workload with outcomes that are accurate and thorough, and successful.”


Candra Healy, Director of Development

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Are the donations flooding in online?

Donation buttons & CTAs galore!

Share valuable stories that connect to sponsors and resonate with returning donors & newcomers.