Logo & Branding Design Services

Make it easier for clients to remember you & your business.

Logos are so intertwined into our lives that we aren’t always aware of their influence.

If your brand seems to have lost touch with your client base, prepare to deep-dive into your brand messaging by analyzing your niche.

Through meticulous industry research, we develop your targeted brand with clear objectives.

Standard Package Features

Regardless of industry, a great brand is nothing without a strong logo and business identity.

Select from a choice of at least 3 potential logos at the first look.​

Your favorite logo is made perfect through a series of revisions and a second look for approval.​

Know thy enemy/competition prior to designing to gain a visual advantage.

In addition to colors used in the logo itself, we will recommend accent colors for both print and web.​

When your entire logo won’t fit into a tiny circle, we design your logo for social.​

Whether printing in black and white or adding a transparent version of the logo to a website, all files are labeled and easy to find.​

Reinforce your brand through consistency regardless of media.​

Ivey Industrial Logo - Final
Recompense Life Group Logo

Optional Features

Implement your new logo on a business card that highlights your new brand.​

Microsoft Word Documents, Excel Sheets, contracts, and proposals deserve the royal treatment too.

We’ll create an email signature consistent throughout your organization.

Carry your brand to your LinkedIn & Facebook Business pages.​

Jessica Valis centered in doorway at Liriodendron Mansion in Bel Air, MD

Let's create a logo and brand that inspires you and your clients.

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