About Us

Founded in 2018, Harford Designs is a graphic design and website design agency that specializes in empowering small businesses—staffing approximately 1-10 people.

With almost 10 years of previous branding experience at Wells Fargo, we strive to make entrepreneurs look as professional as they are. You are the expert and it’s our job to showcase it to the world.

Whether you are a Maryland resident, have only ever networked with me online, or are just starting your business, we promise to never oversell you on the essentials to grow your reliable and unique business.

The Credentials

  • Almost 10 years of experience in branding and publishing with Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
  • 2 previous part-time positions with website design and development
  • MA in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore
  • BS in Business Communications from Stevenson University

Jessica Valis
Owner, Founder, Lead Graphic Designer

Jessica Valis email signature 2021

Credentials aside, this is the real me.

If I could write a ‘just for fun’ blog it would be called Jessica Eats Scallops. I’d take pictures and write reviews for restaurants and their scallop dishes.

My other favorite foods include Wawa soft pretzels, Wellfleet & Blue Point oysters, clams… basically any kind of shellfish. I also have a crazy sweet tooth which I subdue with keto.

If I could be on one reality TV show it would be Survivor. 

My favorite genre of books is memoirs. If a movie or show is “based on a true story” there is a 95% chance I’ll watch it. I binge the 3 hour BBC Pride & Prejudice at least twice a year. Netflix’s The OA was amazing storytelling.

In my previous life, I was probably an egyptologist.

Pick my brain when you schedule a Zoom call to discuss your website.

We’ll walk through your site page by page to determine if any necessary updates are necessary to connect to your ideal client.

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