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5 Reasons Your Brand Story is Not Resonating with Clients

Communicating your brand story to your customers is vital for any business’s success. Storytelling is one of the best ways you can connect with your targeted audiences. You need to focus on your customers, not your company, for a compelling brand story. The core argument of the brand story should be how your clients will enjoy your service or product.

Being a vital business asset, branding and storytelling should align with your business. When you build your financial website design from your heart, it will help you to bring content to life. Professional web designers can help you in creating an impactful web design.

Here are a few reasons why your site isn’t resonating with clients—

1. Your site focuses on your company; not your customers’ problems

Rather than talking about your company’s offerings, you should focus on your customers. Your storytelling should relate to your customers’ problems and solutions. Their problems are the compelling hook that will help you connect with your customers. Begin by communicating how effectively your products can solve their problems—change your product features into benefits that can solve these problems. When your clients see themselves in your story, they will feel attracted to your business.

2. They don’t relate to your company’s values

Focusing on the customers’ problems and offering them the right solution is a good start. But once it’s done, your next step is to accentuate your brand values. Keep your company’s beliefs—particularly concerning environmental, social, and company governance standards—at the forefront while telling your story. Having a human connection in your financial web design will attract customers.

3. Too much text, no unique voice

Website users are multi-tasking, and they won’t stay on your site longer if the content is boring. Keep your web copy focused rather than using extraneous information or unnecessary words. And don’t throw in keywords/focus words in every other sentence just to sway Google results. (Hint: It won’t have any impact!) A distinct brand voice that speaks your customers’ language is an excellent way to keep them engaged. Be sure your web copy is easy to navigate and incorporates appropriate headers and links.

4. You sound like every other lender

For a successful business, you need to differentiate your brand from others and highlight those features that make you unique. Your brand story and website design are vital things to move further on the path. While designing your web copy or telling a story, you need to lay out your differentiators—headers, bullets, icons, and strong imagery are great tools to get to the point. Showcase how your company is their ideal choice and perfect solution (see Step 1). Keep all the supportive elements to make your financial web design look impactful.

5. Give Your User a Call-to-action

Finally, you need to have a call to action in your web design. When your customers love your web design, they will click on CTA for further information. For maximum clicks, you need to keep clear CTAs at appropriate places. Specific CTAs work better than general words. For instance, “book an appointment” will impact better than “get in touch.” With compelling storytelling, your visitors will feel they know you better. This, in turn, will lead to improved customer satisfaction and high leads.

Connect with Your Audience with Appealing Storytelling in Modern Web Design

Implementing the above tips will help you to create an appealing web design. When your financial website design is fresh and modern, you can connect with your audience fast. If you feel the process is tedious, be sure to contact a financial website developer.

Harford Designs is one of the most reliable teams with expert web designers. Our ultimate goal is to assist businesses in making their web copy lean and focused. We’ll build a unique and modern web design that tells your brand story. Schedule a meeting today and let us help your business stand ahead of the curve.

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Jessica Valis looking up blog cover

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