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Beware the Cursive Font

Avoid script fonts at all costs. Period. End of discussion. Unless you’re a bridal boutique, these fanciful loopy loops belong nowhere near your financial or professional services business. Sure… scripts, calligraphy, cursive—whatever you like to call them—can seem elegant and fun. However, they are not easy on the eyes in

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Generating credible leads for your financial firm

Does this sound familiar?  You are ready for business!  You’ve got money to lend, but the right leads are simply not coming in.  You end up looking through applications for individuals who don’t qualify, and Users are bouncing off your site before they’ve even hit the application page. While you

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Perfectionism, Copy, and Content

Within each of us is that little perfectionist who is never quite content with the way things are written on our websites and in business documents. Do I sound convincing? Do I sound like an expert? Do I sound genuine? Am I explaining too much or too little? If we

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