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Website Features & Designs That Are Worth Ditching

Website Features & Designs That Are Worth Ditching

Your website is the online version of your office. Especially during and following the era of COVID19, it is an essential marketing tool for businesses to reach and engage current and prospective customers. The way your website looks and feels will determine how your online audience will see your business. 
Excellent website design is vital to grab the attention of prospective customers. The website’s features will significantly affect the website user experience, and that will have a severe impact on your conversion rate. While some features are great for your website, some may not be too great. 
In fact, you should consider ditching some website designs/features if you want to provide your website audience with the best experience and allow them to enjoy the benefits that come with that. 

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Meet the Owner:
Jessica Valis

After nearly a decade of working for big banks and filling the pockets of “the man,” I started a digital marketing and design agency to help the businesses that really matter—Your Business!

You know your industry better than the next guy. Now it’s time to show it with a visual identity that matches your skillset and knowledge-base.

I know that a little touch of corporate branding can transform your out-of-home office into a larger-than-life, favorite, local business. It’s all about how you present yourself and that’s where working with a consultant and designer such as myself comes into action.

Let Harford Designs take over your social media, website design, branding, and advertisement so you can get back to the reason you left corporate too!