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The Essential Guide to SEO for Small Business Owners

Are you new to the world of SEO? This article breaks down the most important terms and concepts you need to know, including keywords, backlinks, and ranking factors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer, this guide will help you understand the fundamentals of SEO and improve your online presence.

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6 Reason Why You Should NOT DIY Your Website

When you are working with high net worth clients, angel investors, or important donors, grabbing their attention and establishing immediate confidence in your brand is essential. One broken link, misused header, overuse of color or excessive typography can have them bouncing off your site.

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3 Reasons You Should Include Video on Your Website

Whether a podcast, Youtube subscription, favorite author, or trusted blog, everyone has a trusted source for information and entertainment. You may consider the host an influencer or just a humorous acquaintance. But have you considered yourself to be such an individual?

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Don’t Put It Off: How Delaying Your Website Upgrade is Hurting Your Business

Keep your business relevant and competitive with a regularly updated website. An outdated website can lead to a poor user experience, low search engine rankings, and a lack of credibility. Invest in professional website design and maintenance services to ensure that your site stays modern, functional, and effective.

6 Reasons to Blog Like Your Business Depends On It!

Are you desperate to increase traffic to your website? Consider posting “blogs” or resources regularly to your website.

Blogging can be an effective way to increase the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site.