The Valley Tavern

Restaurant Website Redesign

Did you know that when you spend $100 at a small business, $48 stays in the community. If you spend the same $100 at a big-box store or national retailer and only $14 stays. This according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

With that in mind, Harford Designs loves to support local businesses. 

Having recently relocated to Seven Valleys, we were invited to redesign the town restaurant — The Valley Tavern.

Project Goals

The Tavern is so much more than food—it’s special events, live bands, karaoke, drink specials, charity and fundraising events. Owner Meg Fullerton knew the website, not just Facebook, needed to promote all the happenings in the small town bar. 

She also needed a website that was searchable, not just a picture.

Our Process

Like all of our websites, we start with a blank template and installed plugins to meet our client’s needs.

And, of course, our go-to website builder—Elementor.

Dynamic Menu

Our primary focus on the rebuild was the menu. Previously images that were cut off when viewed on mobile, we included the text version of the menu and created anchor links—links designed to jump you across the page. 

For example, if a user clicked on BURGERS at the top of the page, the page would jump to burgers instead of requiring the user to scroll.

A text-version of the menu also allows for easy price changes or additions/deletions to the entrees and appetizers.


As we built the site, the owner took new pictures of the inside of the building, following our requests—

  • Empty restaurant
  • Empty bar
  • Windows open
  • Lights on

The photos turned out phenomenally and completely transformed the feel of the website from gray and muted to bold and inviting.

the valley tavern anchor menu text

Website Before & After Images



tavern homepagemobilemockups

Color Palette





Final Results

Improved user experience

The Valley Tavern website proves that not all website redesigns need to be over the top and unnecessarily expensive.

Always place text on a page in place of an image of text.

Always consider the mobile version.

Integrate systems, such as Google & Facebook, that are already in place to streamline the process and reduce redundancies.

Congratulations to the Tavern! We’ll be stopping by for the Broasted Chicken soon!




Google Calendar

Facebook Integration