Loyola Early Learning Center

Website Design for the Investors

Loyola Early Center is a licensed early childhood education program that provides full scholarships to a children (ages 2-5) from low-income families in Baltimore City. Unlike other school websites that are designed with the parents in mind, LELC needed their website to appeal to their donors and student sponsors.

Project Goals

Build an engaging website that provided an immersive experience for donors to meet the children and understand the mission of the preschool.

From endowments to gifts of securities and to summer scholarships, multiple donation pages were required with their own unique feel while keeping the young learners front and center.

Our Process

Working with LELC’s existing brand, we incorporated the not-so-primary colors in headers, icons, buttons, and call-to-actions. The colors were used to highlight important sections and create variation across the site.

The white border images were angled and overlayed playfully on the pages for a more organic feel—as if they were laid on a desk or sitting on a kitchen counter.

Color Palette

Red Orange Color Wheel


Maximum Red Yellow

Green Yellow Crayola

Cyan Process


Final Results

Matched Gifts, Matched Again!

Shortly after the launch of the website, LELC help a Mother’s Day campaign with the goal of raising $5,000. Within the first day, more than double the amount was donated, with sponsors offering to match gifts. The gifts were then matched again, raising more than $15,000!

In August 2021, the school announced they would be expanding the learning experience to include kindergarten through 4th grade! You can read the official announcement here.





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Loyola Early Learning Center family at Pre-K-4 Graduation

Jessica maintains and makes constructive suggestions for revising the copy, updates to research information, exercises judgment and initiative in establishing and revising layout processes and conceptualizations; creates schematics for the team to review and in respect to critique, responds well to client feedback.

Harford Designs has taken a seat at the planning table for many projects, and has played integral and varying roles.  They multitask effectively and can handle a high-volume workload with outcomes that are accurate and thorough, and successful.   

Candra Healy, Director of Development