Phoenix 365 Solutions

Native American Inspired Brand

For business owners Steven and Jessica, the name of their business was personal. As victims of a house fire that destroyed everything, they decided to start a smart home innovative technology company.

Not only is Phoenix the name of their daughter (born before the event), it is also symbolic of their rise from the ashes to rebuild.

Logo Design

In addition to the phoenix, it was important to the client to embrace their Native American ancestry by incorporating a dream catcher and the Lumbee Tribe color palette.

While we slightly altered the colors, all four are utilized in both the white and black background versions.

Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina logo

Website Design

With such a detailed logo, we kept the one-page website relatively simple.

  • Accents were added in the gradient H2 headers.
  • Icons were customized to the industry.
  • A wheel (a client must) incorporated the all brand colors.
  • The main colors used on the site were black and gray to allow the color detail to stand out.
Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina logo

Versatile Logo for Varying Backgrounds

Phoenix 365 Solutions - Logo - Horizontal - White
Phoenix 365 Solutions - Logo - Horizontal - Black

Color Palette



Cyber Yellow



This business is no longer operational, therefore the website is no longer available for viewing.

We wish the owners future success in their endeavors.