10 Vital Elements Your Non-Profit Website Design Needs to Succeed

Baltimore business websites and non-profit organization websites are very different. A business website speaks to one audience, the consumer. Its single goal is to sell a product or service to that consumer.

A non-profit website, on the other hand, speaks to several audiences at once, including potential donors, clients, and volunteers.

And it must do so while helping the organization meet five very specific goals:

  • Increasing awareness of the organization and stating its mission
  • Growing membership/attracting new donors
  • Connecting the organization with people who need it
  • Increasing the newsletter email list
  • Attracting new volunteers

To do all of this successfully, the website must contain 10 vital non-profit website design elements that a business website does not. This specific, targeted site design optimization helps a non-profit organization achieve its goals. No small task, but here’s how it’s done.

Increasing Awareness of the Organization and Present its Mission

Mission Statement Page

The mission page outlines exactly what the organization does and who it serves.

This should be in clear, jargon-free language that the public can understand.

About Us/History Page

Here, you discuss how the organization came to be and who works in what roles to ensure its success.

Potential donors and clients want to know the non-profit’s roots and place in the community.

The Loyola School’s homepage with a parent story and donation buttons above and below.

Achievements Page

This includes success stories and pictures of people that the non-profit business has assisted.

This helps personalize the organization and generate goodwill.

Don’t forget to sprinkle teasers to these stories throughout the site to entice readers to learn more.

Calendar Page

List upcoming events. This demonstrates action and shows potential members and clients how active and engaged the organization is within the community.

Growing Membership/Attracting New Donors

Financial Disclosure Page

Tell potential donors that their money is going to an organization that will use it wisely.

Highlight revenue and expenses, including what percentage of donations go to completing the mission vs. how much goes to administration.

Potential donors will want to know where their money will go and that their giving will actually make a difference.

Canton Kayak Club’s Board page with open positions and calls to action to learn more and apply.

Board of Directors Page

This page lets donors know who is running the show and overseeing the organization’s success.

It includes each board member’s professional experience so that visitors have confidence in the leadership team’s skills and abilities.

Canton Kayak Club’s 3 membership options with their own designated pages: new members, returning members, gifts

Donations/Membership Page

Linked from a Donate button on every page, this contains a donation form and encourages both one-time donations and planned/estate giving.

This brief form works for membership sign-up while providing organization contact information is best for people interested in including the non-profit in their estate planning.

Connecting the Organization with People Who Need It

Contact Form Page

Easily let interested parties reach out for help via phone or a brief contact form.

Attracting New Volunteers

Volunteer Sign-Up Page

Include a brief sign-up form as well as the benefits of volunteering, a list of available volunteer jobs and volunteer profiles with pictures of volunteers in action.

Have information available as well to inform potential volunteers know how soon they can expect a call back regarding their interest in helping out the organization.

Growing the Newsletter Email List

Newsletter Sign-Up Page

Keep all stakeholders in the loop about new developments, successful outcomes and upcoming events.

Include a strong call to action (CTA) to encourage sign-ups and offers an incentive, such as a free calendar with colorful pictures of the non-profit working with clients in the community.

Harford Designs Non-Profit Website Design

With the right non-profit website design, your Maryland non-profit business website can achieve all of its goals, from increasing awareness and attracting donors to reaching potential clients, drawing in more volunteers and growing the newsletter list.

Please contact us today so we can start creating your organization’s optimized website. We look forward to working with you now and in the future.

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