Why ESG Matters: A Guide for Business Leaders

For companies seeking new clients and meaningful partnerships and investments, your ESG principles—Environmental, Social, and Governance standards and initiatives—have become a key decision-making factor

ESG define your eco-conscious and conservation efforts, social responsibility initiatives, and practical, well-managed internal governance, all of which are incredibly important to your new and younger generation of clientele.

Eco-conscious Millennial and gen-Z consumers are looking for brands that care about their business practices’ ecological and social impact. ESG has also been found to be a strong indicator of commercial success in terms of investment decision-making. Suddenly, the quietly responsible practices of your business need to be marketing front-runners, and most companies are not quite ready for the change.

How can you make your ESG principles more visible online to attract customers and investors? Here are a few smooth, professional strategies you can use to spotlight your ESG without creating website clutter.

Include an ESG-Initiatives Bar on Your Homepage

Your homepage is likely designed with several horizontal sections defining the brand, services, and experience that new clients can expect. Your first step is simple: Add an ESG section to the visually dynamic scroll. Include graphics that represent each initiative and provide a small blurb on what your company is doing to save the planet, engage in social responsibility, and responsibly self-govern. Just a few details are all you need to attract the attention of your customer and investor audiences to the fact that you are an ESG-powered brand.

Canton Kayak Club’s experience section includes its commitment to community service and environmental fundraising.

Create an ESG Page for the ‘About’ Section

Many brands break up their ‘About’ page into several sections and sub-pages. Dedicate one such section or page to your ESG principles and current initiatives. This is where you should go into engaging, positively-worded detail about each ESG goal and effort in the company.

If you have a special ESG-related story, tell it here. If you have special goals you are trying to reach, share them and your current success.

Spotlight each of your eco-conscious projects like in-office recycling or sustainable resource partnerships in detail. Then talk about programs and methods you are using for social responsibility. For the investors, include a section at the end regarding the highlights of your governance policies.

Caffes-Stelle dedicates half of their about page to include their community involvement.

Add an ESG Section to Your Blog or Learning Center

For curious customers and researching investors, add an ESG section to your blog or organized learning center. Write more in-depth reports and create a more complete record of how your company is handling your EGS principles. Write a full page on each initiative, project, policy, or goal you are working on. Write interest pieces on the positive impact you have had and stories from charitable programs you are working with. This will create inbound marketing material, bulk out your information center, and provide valuable, enticing information for eco-conscious customers and investors alike.

Include ESG Details in Every Product & Service Page

Add a formal, templated section mentioning ESG on every product and service page. Mention the renewable or recycled materials in each product, or the socially responsible program you’re running as part of production. Let your customers know how their purchases are contributing to your ecological and socially conscious business practices. Customers who care will learn to skim for this formal section to see which products can make the most positive impact or have the smallest carbon footprint.

After signing papers at settlement, Black Oak Title plants a new trees to replenish the world’s resources.

Build ESG Language into Your Brand Voice

Last but not least, work ESG into how you talk about your brand. The time to be hush-hush about recycling programs and fair factory wages is over. Customers and investors now want to hear how your company is making constant, everyday efforts to reduce negative impacts and make a positive impact on the world around you. So build your ESG principles into the brand’s voice and copy. Your audience wants to hear how you – and they in association – are making a difference.

Looking for more clever ways to boost your ESG impact and visibility? Contact us today and we’ll build a unique plan for your brand, initiatives, and audience.

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