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Not all commercial lenders are the same!

Not all commercial lenders are the same!​

Differentiate your commercial lending business and generate the leads you want through top notch branding & website design.

A significant part of capturing new leads and taking your business to the next level to beat the competition involves creating a solid brand.

Think of a brand as the identity of your business. It gives you personality, allowing you to stand out.

So much goes into creating a solid brand. But, as you start, you can’t work on all of them, and you can’t just start anywhere.

You first need to work on your website and logo. These are the aspects of your business that prospective customers first interact with, creating their first impression.

To compete with the larger lenders, you need to strengthen your brand by improving your logo and website.

Branding that instills financial confidence.

No one wants to trust a big bank, but when it comes to money, investors may be hesitant on where their money is coming from.

Whether you are a one-man or woman show, or house a small to mid-size team, a strong and consistent brand relays confidence to those who are putting their trust in your word and your business.

Through our partnership, we take out the tedious steps of research, design, and development, so you can focus on securing your client’s next loan. Here’s how we do it.

If you want to beat your competition, the first step should be studying their moves—that’s were we come in. 

To build your firm the perfect logo, we check the competition and research what works for them to get an idea or two on how you can make your brand different and stand out to create an amazing first impression.

A logo that targets everyone as a whole is a logo that fails to achieve its objectives. 

Different audiences have different needs. That is why the first step in rebranding your logo is asking yourself, “who am I trying to impress?”. 

Once you understand that, we craft a logo that appeals to their needs.

Have you ever heard the expression less is more or less is best?

The idea is to have a logo with just the right amount of detail to deliver the message about your brand—consistent, dependable, established.

A complicated brand is easily forgettable and hard to maintain internally,  diminishing your company’s reputation.

We are committed to helping our commercial lending partners overcome website and branding challenges so they can attain spectacular ROI.

We are committed to helping our commercial lending partners overcome website and branding challenges so they can attain spectacular ROI.​

Capture leads through your website

Your website showcases you to your prospective customers. It allows you to establish who you are, what you represent, and what you stand for.

People have choices, and if your website is poorly designed, 38% of people will stop interacting with it. This hurts your effort of closing more loans because high bounce rates reduce your organic traffic, meaning fewer potential customers will find you.

Here are a few ways we can help improve your website to close more commercial or long-term rental loans.

When traffic lands on your website, the user should easily find what they are looking for. The most critical sections should be above the fold, and the page should be easy to navigate.

Our attentions are only getting worse. By breaking up the content with subheadings, we’ll help visitors find what they are looking for quickly by skimming before they get bored.

63% of Google’s US organic search traffic comes from mobile devices.

Failing to optimize your website for mobile devices misses you out on many leads.

Allow our team to optimize your content and resources to move you up the search engine leaderboard.

Reducing your page load time by a mere 0.1 seconds improves the bounce rate of lead generation pages by a whopping 8.3%. Most people are short of time and attention and are spoilt for choice. They won’t stick around if your website is wasting their time.

Your logo and website play a huge role in closing more loans.

If you don’t put in enough research and effort on your current ones, it is time to update them.

But rebranding can be complicated. There are too many details to take care of for it to succeed. If you are not sure doing it yourself will guarantee you the desired results, Harford Designs can do it for you. We can help you with your brand redesign and website upgrades to set you in a unique position to battle your competitors.

For strategically designed websites and memorable and engaging brands, contact us today.

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Professional. Established. Reliable.

Together we strengthen your reputation.

Targeted design solutions for advisors and lenders.

When you have high-net worth clients, investors, or government official meetings on the books, it’s time to impress with that established, corporate touch. 

You’re the expert and deserve to showcase your expertise in a modern, professional way with innovative design.

Harford Designs is here to propel your business with a top-notch design that takes your small or medium-sized business to the next level by implementing the most efficient website techniques and trends.

Let’s design a thoughtful and modern website guaranteed to bring you viable leads.

From a professional content writer to optional SEO services, we aim to make your site a success by keeping the user experience at the forefront.