How to choose the best website design & management company for your business

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Congratulations—you’ve successfully launched your career as a business owner! With all the licensing and legal paperwork filed, have you considered who will be managing your website on your behalf? After all, not all entrepreneurs are IT professionals, website designers, or marketing experts.

The price of website design aside, here are a few questions to help you determine the best website and marketing agency when it comes to maintaining your website (aka: your most valuable marketing tool)!

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Do we even vibe?

It may seem trivial, but there is nothing quite as frustrating as handing over hard-earned cash to someone you don’t like—or worse, trust!

  • If you don’t vibe with an individual on their LinkedIn or fail to find value in their posts, they are probably not the right fit.
  • If your conversations seem forced and the website developer speaks in IT terminology that you can’t seem to follow, they probably aren’t the right fit.
  • If you’ve signed with them, do your tickets and emails seem forgotten or pushed to the backburner? Do you feel ignored? They aren’t the right fit.
  • Does the design team push back at every turn, and you can’t see the results to warrant the passive aggression?

I think you get the idea…

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Ask the right questions

Beyond personality, you also need to understand your own needs and the needs of your website.

Understand your needs

  • Are you running proprietary software on your site that will need frequent updating? You’ll need someone who manages the updates without being prompted by you.
  • Do you blog or post regularly and need an active partner to schedule them for you? You’ll need to look for a website manager who messages regularly for your content.
  • Are you a self-proclaimed math whiz but aren’t sure how to put ideas into words? Having a content writer on their team may be the peace of mind you needed.

Unless you have a minimalist and static website that never gets updated and a barely-there presence on the web, consider a company that offers a smaller monthly or yearly retainer. However, keep in mind that Google algorithms LOVE new content, and an expert design agency may advise you otherwise.

Questions to ask your potential future website management company

  • Do you have a designated content writer?
  • Do you perform regular backups?
  • What type of security do you employ to prevent spam and hacks?
  • What is your turn around time for content changes?

Questions to ask yourself after RECEIVING the bid

  • Do they have an eye for design?
  • Do they possess a fair understanding of internet technology, hosting, and domain registration?
  • Do they have the ability to update and backup the site?
  • Will they advise me and push me towards staying modern, or are they comfortable and complacent?
  • Will they challenge me when I recommend something that goes against best practices?
  • Will they advocate for my business and treat me more than a number?

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Sometimes it really does come down to that gut feeling. If you find yourself with a little FOBO (fear of missing out) that may be the sign you need to sign with the designer.

You also need to understand why you are hiring someone to offload this work to in the first place. A good designer will be an expert and advocate for you.

Trust their judgment. Trust your gut.


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