Maryland Home Renovations – Logo Case Study

I owe a lot to Rob Bollack of Maryland Home Renovations (and Cumming & Co Realtors). Like a lot of local networking groups, you may see the same people again and again. And those same people only want to talk to their friends–not to newbies like myself who want to generate new business. Rob, however, was present at one particular event to generate leads and find business referral partners. He introduced me to our local Bel Air BNI chapter and since then I’ve found my business has really picked up traction and I’ve made meaningful business relationships.

Rob is a man of many hats. Husband, Father of 2. Real Estate Agent. And now he’s the latest go-to-guy for home renovation with his new company Maryland Home Renovations.

His business was picking up steam quickly and he needed business cards. But he wasn’t printing anything without a logo. That’s when we decided to partner together to create the perfect logo that fits within his new business budget.

Step 1. Scoping out the competition

T.W. Ellis Kris Construction Bel Air Construction Competition Logos

You should always know who you are up against in order to distinguish yourself from the guys who have been in business for ages. Of his 3 main competitors was a logo that could confuse renovation for roofing repair; another that had religious connotations; and another that had not been touched since it’s founding in the 90s.

The Logo

Finding a design that we both liked wasn’t immediate. At first, it was difficult to narrow in on a target market and a design style. After all, who doesn’t want a new bathroom or kitchen, a deck extension, etc.?

Rob asked I explore options that paid homage Maryland through the flag or its colors. I played around with a few ideas that incorporated the state flag but found the color combos made the logos look like they belonged to a government office, university, or hospital–not a renovation company. 

State of Maryland official Colors

Having a new construction property myself, I was used to having a string of contractors stomping through my house several times a week to fix unleveled surfaces, cracks, and gaps, leaving a mess in their wake. We discussed a logo that expressed professionalism, cleanliness, and a job done right the first time through the use of clean lines.

Here are some of the original mockups in the order of conception. Notice the progression from the first draft to the final product?

Maryland Home Renovations logo draft 2

Maryland Home Renovations logo draft 2

As we got closer to the final, the Maryland colors came into play. I created at least 20 color combinations using Maryland red and yellow, Orioles orange, and even some green and blue colors.

Maryland Home Renovations logo draft 3

Here was the end result.

Maryland Home Renovations Logo

Maryland Home Renovations grey blue red color palette

Social Media Special

The great thing about this logo is it gives room for some great social media images. The primary logo would look great on a car decal, shirt for the crew, contracts, and more. But social media demands a profile picture that is even more simple and clean. Remove the red line and “Maryland Home Renovations” and you can still make out that the company works in the real estate/home business.

Thank you, Rob, for your patience and trust in me as we worked to design the perfect logo. Good luck to you and all your renovation endeavors! I’ll be seeing you soon!

Email Rob of Maryland Home Renovations to learn what MHR can do for your Harford, Cecil, and Baltimore home: from simple fix-it jobs to major renovations.

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