Nutshell Environmental

New Owners. New Website.

First comes a brand redesign, and next comes the implementation. Breaking away from the usual “environmental greens” or “professional blues”, Nutshell embraced their citrine and teal color palette across their site. The site balances both imagery with color without neglecting whitespace.

Color Palette

Midnight Green eagle green

Deep Jungle Green


Final Results

Bold & Original

When you compare Nutshell with the competitions’ websites, Nutshell can clearly be distinguished for its bold colors and literal imagery. 

With the focus being environmental safety and compliance, a balance of undisturbed, peaceful nature adds an element of trust. There is just enough text to explain Phases I & II ESA for those unfamiliar, while simultaneously inserting those critical Google search terms.

Congratulations on the website, Bob & Donna!




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Bob Ball, President