Recompense Life Group

One Page Website Design - Part 2

As a new solopreneur, spending tens of thousands of dollars to build a robust website might not be practical until you’ve established your audience and product.

Recompense Life Group returned to Harford Designs for an insurance website design service, specifically a targeted one-page website.

Project Goals

A great website is built with a clear audience and understanding of services. Recompense’s business model focused on both life insurance and self-reparations.

Understanding that their  Baltimore City clients may not completely understand life insurance, this insurance agency website design took time to define it without the industry jargon.

The site also featured a simple three-step process to walk the audience through how the service worked.

Integrating the Brand

Recompense had a unique, colorful logo. Without over-saturating the site with color, we used it to highlight focus words and definitions and incorporated them into subtle backgrounds.

We also used the color ring from the logo in the background to add visual interest.

Color Palette

Bdazzled Blue

Tiffany Blue

Maximum Yellow Red





Google Integration



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Nyasha Dixon