Should you write website copy yourself or hire a content writer?

Are you currently weighing your options between writing your content yourself and hiring a professional content writer? Remember that when it comes to marketing online, content is king. Teaming up with a professional writer has the potential to give you an advantage over your competition who may be cutting corners and bring more attention to your business.

What are the benefits of working with a content writer?

Time Saved

If you are running your own financial or B2B business, between backlogged clients and a hectic schedule, you likely don’t have time to sit down and write content for your website. Rather than pouring a few hours over the details of your latest blog posts, trusting a professional content writer will allow you to give your clients undivided attention, while still having fresh, new published content. Your professional content team will immerse themselves in your industry with extensive research while maintaining your voice to portray the brand you’ve built accurately.

Use of SEO Practices

Many business owners are surprised to learn that the structure of their content can impact their search result rankings. If you don’t already know SEO best practices for writing website copy, hiring a professional would be beneficial in helping you rank on a Google or Yahoo search. A professional content writer can generate copy with crucial factors in mind, such as optimal word count, meta descriptions, keywords, and call-to-actions. Implementing these practices consistently can boost your site’s rank on search engines, resulting in more traffic for your business. Highly skilled content writers can turn clicks to clients in tandem with a proper SEO plan.

You can learn more about SEO here & view Harford Designs SEO rates here.

Professional Tone

Your online content is the basis of many first impressions. Ensure that you leave positive, lasting impressions with engaging, professional, and error-free content. Potential new clients feel more confident in businesses that offer a professional presentation that reflects their high standards across all areas of operation. Content writers like those at Harford Designs are happy to review your current content as well to correct any errors and offer recommendations for changes.

If hiring a content writer isn’t quite on the table yet due to various constraints, consider investing in Grammarly. For $99 or less a year, you can have your own grammar coach. I don’t post articles or send emails without it. Nothing is more embarrassing than having a potential client tell you, “There is a spelling error in your post.”

Refresh Your Content with Professional Content Writers at Harford Designs

At Harford Designs, we are content experts! When it comes to content writing, web design and SEO practices, we have great solutions that fit your budget. Partner with us to get more eyes on your content. Give us a call at 484-888-2899 or email us at to get started!

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