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Virtual Onboarding Process

Launching a successful financial site takes more than a skilled designer. Take a look into our onboarding process and how we get started.


Give us the deets!

First we’ll need the basics… contact name, business name, URL, address, hours, social media links, etc.

We’ll establish expectations for the website in terms of design and functionality as well as establishing a timeline to ensure the project doesn’t run over by months.


The contract is signed!

With the parameters of the project in place, we are ready to proceed with design development.


Dust off your password notebook.

Come on; we all have one. Next you’ll have to dig through your records for login credentials for your WordPress or Wix account, domain provider, website host, and email host. We will help walk you through the acquisition of these if you run into trouble.


Integrate your Google accounts.

What’s the point of a website if we can’t connect it to Google? A Google My Business page is automatically included in the set up of your site. We will connect an existing business page if you have one or create a new one if you don’t. 

For those with a Google My Business account, you’ll need to share admin access to our team developer: development@harforddesigns.com.


Confirm your official company email addresses.

Say goodbye to generic email addresses. We aren’t letting you walk away with a beetsatschrutefarms@gmail.com or dundermiflinsales@yahoo.com account to conduct your online affairs.

Moving forward, your business will use branded email addresses ending with your company URL. Think dwight@schrutefarms.com and info@schrutefarms.com.


Schedule our weekly calls.

We’ve got a lot to do in preparation for the launch of your new site. Pull out your phone, your Google Calendar, or daytime planner and let’s put some goals and check-in dates on the books.

These calls keep both of us accountable in terms of deliverables required by either party.

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Jessica Valis - smaller image - profile

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