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Website Design & Development Process

Mission control: you're go for launch​

Hiring a developer can bring significant value to your clients. By providing them with efficient, innovative, and personalized solutions, you can help meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

1. Design Consultation

Before we jump into the design, we review your company's unique needs, vision, and mission. There is no one size fits all in finance, B2B, or fundraising. We especially narrow in on your target audience so every design speaks to your niche.

2. Content Acquisition

During this ongoing phase, we begin to gather content such as copy and imagery. We'll gather assets such as logos, branding guides, purchased images, PDFs, and other important documents so we can match the style of your business and incorporated these elements into the website.

3. First Look — Design Affirmation

During your website first look, we review the general design elements and formatting of your new website before we implement it across every page. Placeholder content and images may still be employed as we wait for the finalized copy from your team or our editor.

4. Second Look — Refinement

After inserting the content and applying the approved styles across the site, we take a second look to confirm we are on the right path as we make our way closer to the launch date. During this look, we recommend giving a close eye to text placement. This is the stage where your team should begin making the final round of copy changes.

5. Final Look & Approval

At this stage, your site is launch-ready! As we review together for the last time, you will have a final opportunity to make minor changes to the text that do not significantly impact the overall design of the website.

6. Website Lauch

The week leading to launch, our developer transfers domains and hosting providers (if applicable), guarantees your email is linked correctly and your Google Analytics is established for tracking. Your site will then launch overnight on the approved date.

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We’ve created a lasting team-like relationship to keep things top-notch going forward. Jessica does quality work, is detailed, and creative, and really helped us get to final products that we could be proud having our clients and potential clients see.
Managing Member
Our new site is wildly successful with massive increases in the number of applications and quality applications which is even more critical.
Former Head of Marketing
I’d give her six stars if that were possible. Jessica and her team built me a professional brand and website on time & on budget. They were responsive every time any issues cropped up.
Managing Member, Attorney at Law